Research Opportunities

November 27 2018

Diagnosis: Complicated Mild, Moderate to Severe TBI

Diagnosis: Complicated Mild, Moderate to Severe TBI Title: Training to Reconnect With Emotional Awareness Therapy Inclusion: Complicated Mild, Moderate to Severe TBI; 18 years or older; minimum of 1 year post-injury Exclusion: Premorbid neurological disorders or major psychiatric disorder; inability to follow directions Benefits: Potential to improve participants’ ability to process emotions; learn how to […]

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November 26 2018

A New Research Study for People who have had Mood and/or Anger Changes since their Brain Injury

Purpose:   Mood and anger changes are problems that greatly impact the lives of many people living with a brain injury and their families. The purpose of this study is to determine if a study medication, buspirone, is useful in treating mood and/or anger changes in people who have suffered a brain injury. This medication, buspirone, received […]

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