Research Opportunities

January 19 2019

Disability and Mobility Survey

Researchers at Virginia Tech are currently conducting an online survey on travel and navigation experiences among people with disabilities. We want to see what kind of challenges are faced by people with different disabilities as they get around their communities. Participants age 18 or over are invited to take a one-time survey. Estimated completion time […]

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November 27 2018

Diagnosis: Complicated Mild, Moderate to Severe TBI

Diagnosis: Complicated Mild, Moderate to Severe TBI Title: Training to Reconnect With Emotional Awareness Therapy Inclusion: Complicated Mild, Moderate to Severe TBI; 18 years or older; minimum of 1 year post-injury Exclusion: Premorbid neurological disorders or major psychiatric disorder; inability to follow directions Benefits: Potential to improve participants’ ability to process emotions; learn how to […]

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November 26 2018

A New Research Study for People who have had Mood and/or Anger Changes since their Brain Injury

Purpose:   Mood and anger changes are problems that greatly impact the lives of many people living with a brain injury and their families. The purpose of this study is to determine if a study medication, buspirone, is useful in treating mood and/or anger changes in people who have suffered a brain injury. This medication, buspirone, received […]

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