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ACBIS provides the opportunity to learn important information about brain injury, to demonstrate learning in a written examination, and to earn a nationally recognized credential. There are three certification options representing distinct levels of experience and supervisory skills: Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS), Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer (CBIST), and Provisional Certified Brain Injury Specialist (PCBIS). Each certification requires demonstration of learning, through an examination, in the following domains:

  • Acquired brain injury (ABI) and diagnostic imaging
  • Medical, physical, cognitive, neurobehavioral, and psychosocial consequences of injury
  • Brain injury in pediatrics and adolescents, as well as aging with a brain injury
  • Concussions and mTBI, as well as disorders of consciousness
  • Rehabilitation philosophy, outcome measurement, and care management
  • Effect of injuries on families
  • Cultural, gender, and sexuality issues
  • Military populations
  • Neuropsychology
  • Participation and return to work

Certification is not restricted to any one profession or discipline. Rather, it is intended for anyone who delivers services specific to brain injury.

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ACBIS Fundamentals

Developed by experienced clinicians and rehabilitation professionals, Brain Injury Fundamentals is an all-new training and certificate program designed to address the unique needs and challenges of those who care for or encounter individuals with brain injury. This includes non-licensed direct care staff persons, facility staff, family members and friends, first responders, and others in the community. The mandatory training course covers essential topics such as:

  • Cognition
  • Guidelines for interacting and building rapport
  • Brain injury and behavior
  • Medical complications
  • Safe medication management
  • Families coping with brain injury

The course is grounded in adult learning principles, maximizing participant engagement and application through an interactive workbook. Using real-life scenarios to anchor the course concepts, participants learn about the challenges people face following brain injury and the types of support they need. This essential program will help candidates understand different types of behavior, manage medication safely, and provide support to families and friends.

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HEADS UP to Health Care Providers

 HEADS UP to Healthcare Providers is a free online training developed by CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics. The goal of the training is to provide an overview of the evidence-based recommendations outlined in the CDC Pediatric mTBI Guideline and to equip healthcare providers with practical strategies to integrate these recommendations into clinical practice.

CDC has created practical, easy-to-use clinical information and tools for health care providers and their patients, including free online training that offers free continuing education credits.

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Centre for Neuro Skills- The TBI Resource Guide

The TBI Resource Guide offers four convenient, online continuing education courses. They are 2.0 clock hour classes and are $60.00 each. Course details and certifications are given below. These courses are U.S. Section 508 Compliant.


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Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation- Web-based TBI Training Modules with CEUs available

Training modules with CEUs available:

The following web-based modules developed for health care and social service providers are available at These modules are appropriate for anyone who works with or cares for individuals who have experienced TBI.  For those who wish to learn about TBI to meet their employer’s expectations or for personal/professional growth there is no charge for completing modules. If you wish to earn continuing education credit there is a $20 per module fee.

Please note: If you do not wish to obtain CEUs, the TBI Identification Method (OSU TBI-ID) training module may also be viewed on this site


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