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“Brainstem” Level – For an individual with a brain injury or a caregiver – $5.00 per year

The Brain Stem controls the messages flowing between the brain and the body along with controlling basic body functions. Like the Brain Stem, survivors and caregivers are at the core of our existence. These are the people we help empower, enrich, and advocate for those families affected by brain injury. Without you, there is no us.


“Temporal Lobe” Level – Individual $25 per year

The Temporal Lobe is the part of the brain responsible for interpreting sounds and the language we hear. If you want to be a part of our cause and contribute your voice to advocating for our population, this level is for you.


“Parietal Lobe” Level – Student $15 per year

The Parietal Lobe is responsible for processing sensory information, such as pressure, touch, and pain. If you can sense the need of brain injury education in the state of Indiana and you are a student who wants to be a part of this movement, this level is for you.


“Frontal Lobe” Level – Professional or provider of services $45 per year

The Frontal Lobe is responsible for our higher-level thinking, motor skills, and ability to express ourselves. If you are a provider who understands the effects and want to continue to express your love for the field by becoming an advocate for the fight against the after-effects of brain injury, this level is for you.


“Occipital” Lobe Level – Organization/Company $100 per year

The Occipital Lobe is responsible for interpreting the visual information brought in by our eyes. If you are an organization or company that is interested in helping to receive, interpret and provide information about brain injury for your organization, this level is for you. *This level includes 3 memberships for your staff.