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The Brain Injury Association of Indiana is a nonprofit 501 c (3) service organization dedicated to reducing the incidence and impact of brain injury through education, advocacy, support, prevention and by facilitating inter-agency commitment and collaboration.

March Is…

Brain Injury Awareness Month

How can you help?

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Every 9 seconds, someone in the United States sustains a brain injury. More than 3.5 million children and adults sustain an acquired brain injury (ABI) each year, but the total incidence is unknown.

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) leads the nation in observing Brain Injury Awareness Month by conducting an awareness campaign in March each year. The theme for the 2018 to 2020 campaign is Change Your Mind.

The #ChangeYourMind campaign is a nationwide call to action for all brain injury advocates to join BIAA and its network of state affiliates, chapters,and divisions in improving the quality of life of every person impacted by brain injury. The campaign provides a platform for educating the general public about the incidence of brain injury and the needs of people with brain injuries and their families. The campaign also lends itself to outreach within the brain injury community to de-stigmatize the injury, empower those who have survived, and promote the many types of support that are available.


The #ChangeYourMind campaign lends itself to multiple communications and strategies, including public events, online promotion, and dissemination through print and electronic channels. Here are some ideas:

  • Download and share the #ChangeYourMind collateral made available by the Brain Injury Association of America.
  • Like and follow our online social networks for campaign information.
  • Contact and connect with Brain Injury Association of Indiana to see how you can join their events and plans during March.
  • Plan to host an event during Brain Injury Awareness Month. Events may be used to increase awareness and understanding about brain injury, to remember someone lost to brain injury, or even to celebrate a loved one’s recovery.
  • Contact civic clubs in your area and offer to be a speaker at their March meetings. Individuals who have survived brain injuries and family caregivers are compelling communicators.
  • Share this website to remind your community “March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.”
  • Send a press release or op-ed column to local newspapers.
  • Tell the story of your brain injury online – the Brain Injury Association’s website offers a Personal Stories section as an option in addition to your own social media properties.
  • Host a fundraiser for the Brain Injury Association of Indiana. Facebook fundraisers spread like wildfire and are a great way to support the association and raise awareness.


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Founded in 1981, the Brain Injury Association of Indiana is the first charter chapter of the national Brain Injury Association of America. Our members include people with brain injuries, family members, friends, and professionals who work with people who have had brain and head injuries. We support and advocate for persons with brain injury and their families throughout the state of Indiana.

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