Diagnosis: Complicated Mild, Moderate to Severe TBI

November 27 2018

Diagnosis: Complicated Mild, Moderate to Severe TBI

Title: Training to Reconnect With Emotional Awareness Therapy

Inclusion: Complicated Mild, Moderate to Severe TBI; 18 years or older; minimum of 1 year post-injury

Exclusion: Premorbid neurological disorders or major psychiatric disorder; inability to follow directions

Benefits: Potential to improve participants’ ability to process emotions; learn how to modify/ improve the intervention for future iterations.

Basics: Need participants who are likely to have problems with emotional awareness (we will test for this); This study includes a baseline session that will last approximately 2-3 hours. Treatment, for eligible participants, will include 8 treatment sessions over a 4-week period. Eligible participants will also complete assessments 2-3 more times after baseline testing. The study may last approximately 4.5-7.5 months.

For more information please contact InterFACE Center at 317-329-2380 or interfac@iupui.edu