A New Research Study for People who have had Mood and/or Anger Changes since their Brain Injury

November 26 2018

Purpose:   Mood and anger changes are problems that greatly impact the lives of many people living with a brain injury and their families. The purpose of this study is to determine if a study medication, buspirone, is useful in treating mood and/or anger changes in people who have suffered a brain injury. This medication, buspirone, received FDA approval in 1986 for the treatment of Anxiety.


Objectives:   To decrease mood and/anger changes in people who have had a brain injury.


  • Have had a brain injury at least 6 months ago
  •  Are between 18 and 70years old
  • Experienced mood and/or anger changes since your brain injury

Design:   The Questionnaires will be filled out by the person with the brain injury and an observer (friend or family member). The study involves 4 visits to the study site to complete the study questionnaires and to speak with the study doctor.

Compensation:  To help offset time and travel costs, participants and their observer will both receive $50 for the initial screening and $50 for the each visit following.

If you are interested in learning more about this study, please contact:

Flora Hammond, MD

Principal Investigator

Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

4141 Shore Drive

Indianapolis, IN

For more information contact:

Becky Runkel, MHA, CCRP

Research Coordinator